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ALPHA FLUID YON-KA Renovating moisturizing fluid

ALPHA FLUID YON-KA Renovating moisturizing fluid

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The moisturizing fluid ALPHA-FLUID is a renovating program with a duo of ALPHA-PEEL, both concentrated in fruit extracts (AHAs = fruit acids rigorously selected and dosed for gentle effectiveness)

ALPHA-FLUID is a moisturizer with a fine texture that gently renews and revitalizes the skin. It is ideal for dull, uneven complexions, enlarged pores, imperfections and fine lines.

Moisturizing, nourishing, protective and antioxidant, it is loaded with super active ingredients allowing it to restore your skin's radiance and luminosity.

It forms a perfect duo with ALPHA PEEL to durably improve the quality of your skin.

Tolerance tested under dermatological control


One-month program several times a year

In the morning, after cleansing and misting LOTION YON-KA, apply ALPHA-FLUID to the face and neck. Then layer SPF 50.

In the evening, after cleansing and misting LOTION YON-KA, apply ALPHA-PEEL (5 pumps) to the face and neck, avoiding the lips and eyelids.

Tingling may appear during the first applications. If they persist after 3 or 4 days, consult your beautician.

If feeling of discomfort 15 min after application, superimpose ALPHA-FLUID.

Complete with ALPHA-VITAL professional treatment once a week for 1 month.

On that day, replace ALPHA-PEEL in the evening with ALPHA-FLUID.


ALPHA-FLUID can be used morning and or evening all year round for its moisturizing renovating action.


Sweet Almond Peptides: Moisturizing

Cereal germ oil: Nourishing - protective

Rice oil, vitamin E: Anti-oxidant

AHA: Renovator

Mimose ténuiflora: Regenerating

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