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CELLULAR CODE SERUM YON-KA longevity infusion serum with CELL-ENERGY complex

CELLULAR CODE SERUM YON-KA longevity infusion serum with CELL-ENERGY complex

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The CELLULAR CODE, Longevity Infusion Serum is an intelligent serum that initializes the youthfulness of the skin, a real youthful serum for mature skin. It is the longevity gesture for mature skin. Product resulting from the latest advances in Fundamental Research on cellular aging, it is an exclusive YON-KA "CELL-ENERGY" complex with patents relating to the active ingredients of the CELL-ENERGY complex and production processes.

The sensoriality of a fine and silky texture, quickly absorbed.

The pleasure of a unique and refined scent in harmony with the Quitessence YON-KA.

A simple gesture to slip in the morning and under the usual cream.

Premium packaging combining safety, design and elegance in an airless pump bottle.

Wrinkles are smoothed, firmness enhanced and skin regenerated and radiant. Signs of fatigue are reduced.


The CELLULAR CODE serum is to be applied, after cleansing and misting LOTION YON-KA (2 to 3 pumps) on the face and neck before the usual cream.

Do not get into the eye.


5 youthful actions of the CELL-ENERGY complex:

Lipo-amino acid, Baicalin: cell longevity, boosts cell longevity proteins.

D-ribose: cellular energy, accelerates the synthesis of ATP (energy reserve of the cell)

Lipo-amino acid: Cell communication (restores harmonious communication between cells), defense potential (strengthens the defense potential against attacks)

Nasturtium extract: Cellular oxygenation (oxygenates skin cells and improves complexion radiance)

Quitessence YON-KA, HE of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean, guaiac wood: rejuvenating vitality


Tolerance tested under dermatological control

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