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YON-KA LOTION Refreshing Invigorating Mist Normal to oily skin

YON-KA LOTION Refreshing Invigorating Mist Normal to oily skin

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An invigorating and refreshing mist, YON-KA lotion for normal to oily skin is a real phyto-aromatic beauty water. The essential YON-KA. The Quitessence YON-KA. The YON-KA treasure. This multifunctional treatment lotion purifies and stimulates. It is a lotion with the delicate scents of Provence which soothes sunburn and insect bites. This refreshing mist gives your skin a boost any time of the day; It in spray and convenient to use.


YON-KA lotion is applied after cleansing the face and neck. She to spray and make penetrate by effleurages.

To calm solar erythema, apply compresses soaked in the lotion for 15 minutes.

YON-KA lotion can be used at any time of the day for a refreshing "boost" effect.


0.6% QUITESSENCE YON-KA (HE of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme): Purifying-tonifying-invigorating-softening-soothing.


After depilation at home, mist the lotion or use it as a compress (15 min). Apply CREME 15 (calming and purifying) or PHYTO 52 (oedema, hair under the skin) in a thick layer. Leave on for 5 minutes, remove the excess with a paper towel then rub in.

YON-KA LOTION is a paraben-free and alcohol-free lotion.

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